Technical translations – many languages, many sectors

NEWSPEAK translates from German and English into all EU languages and vice versa, and not only that – our translations are done by experts in their fields, people benefiting from additional training and education in the specific sectors, because knowledge of languages alone is not sufficient to be a good technical translator. Good translations are authentic, highly legible, purpose-specific and target-oriented. They are processed by trained and certified translators mastering the target language of the document as an L1 (“native language” person), and with extensive knowledge of the specific sector of the text.

Our translators make use of terminology databases during the translation process but do not use machine-based translations. Glossaries and lists of words drawn up as part of an order are maintained by translators and project managers for subsequent orders, enabling the uniform use of terminology for future translations.

Any questions are immediately discussed within the team, and for achieving maximum certainty are clarified directly with you, the client, to make sure that misunderstandings are avoided. After translations are complete, documents are proofread by at least one further NEWSPEAK employee for quality assurance. Our special service upon completion: before your translation project goes to print, is sent or presented, we’re always glad to carry out a final inspection of the end version. This in turn gives you 100% certainty.